December 2017

Confused Feelings 😕

Feeling Good, Feeling Great!

Hey Baby….Make up Songs!

Ready to make up? Here’s the ultimate playlist….

Letter To My Abuser

To My Abuser; It may seem strange that I’m writing to you at all. I doubt that you’ve given me much thought in the time that has passed…

Musical Letter to my Ex-Boyfriend

I know this letter will never reach you … but My god it have been a roller coaster of emotions… I can even begin to tell you how…

A Musical Open Letter to My Father to Say My Last Goodbye

My Papa, Your ears are long. I always think we have the same lobes, fleshy, like ripe peaches. So I must have got them from you. Your eyebrows…

To The Girl That Made Me Believe We Were in Love

I don’t know why I am writing this letter but I feel that it is something I need to do for myself to help me move on. I…

Dear Girl Who Dates my Husband

Dear girl who dates my husband, The first and probably most important thing I want you to know is that I don’t hate you. I’m sure you think…

Letter to My Abusive Parents

I ask you this, how am I supposed to move on from a childhood that I will never get back? How do I get the abusive memories out…

Spotify – Free & Easy

Fall into a mellow mix of songs to ease a heavy mind…or heart.

Songs To Pay Attention To

These are some of the best songs for the Soul and you may not even have heard them yet!