I ask you this, how am I supposed to move on from a childhood that I will never get back? How do I get the abusive memories out of my head? How am I supposed to piece back together the heart that you both destroyed? Our house was not a home, it was just an abusive home that my brother and I couldn’t run away from because we needed you guys, you fed us, you kept us alive, and without you we would have died. I would like to say that the pain in my heart from what you both did to me faded over the years, but it never did. My heart was broken into millions of pieces and on the journey of life, I am searching for someone who can maybe glue all the little pieces back together.
I hope you two are happy with the thought that you destroyed my life. I was once a victim, but I will forever be a survivor, picking up the pieces of a broken life, aching to get my childhood back.
Originally posted on opnlttr.com